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Auditions: Moonchildren


By Michael Weller
(who wrote the screenplay for the film version of Hair)

A serious comedy about College, Sex, Viet Nam, and Hamburgers--set in 1965/66. With goofy wit, the play portrays “the painful ways,” as Weller says, in which kids graduating from college “face their very uncertain futures” in a world that, like a lonely desert, conceals menacing patches of quicksand. This “period piece” not only reflects the political world of fifty years ago, it captures the fun and fears of college students everywhen.

Monday, March 3 7:00-10:00 p.m.
Call-backs Tuesday, March 4 6:00-? p.m.

Rhynsburger Theatre

Roles for 3 women & 5 men, plus 8 great cameos! It’s an ensemble show.

Cold readings from the script plus improvisation.  Preparation:  please read the play.  Scripts may be checked out from Tina in the Theatre Dept. Office, 129 Fine Arts.

If you have questions, please contact Dr. Suzanne Burgoyne

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