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Gifts and Endowments


This year the University of Missouri has welcomed an unprecedented increase in the number of incoming students. Our hallways and classrooms are overflowing with some of the most academically gifted young people from across the country. We are thrilled that many of those students have chosen to enroll in courses in the Department of Theatre and to develop their tremendous gifts through our production program. We are also pleased by the successful completion of a competitive and highly selective process that resulted in record admissions for our graduate programs. As such, we are posed for another year that promises not only the ongoing recognition of academic excellence but also the celebration of exceptional artistic innovation.

Theatre faculty continues to excel in all areas of creative achievement and scholarly research. Our visibility, both regionally and nationally in professional organizations has made our department one of the most notable programs in the country. This has resulted in an impressive list of leadership appointments, conference presentations, publications and professional collaborations. We are always encouraged by the visibility of your presence and the warmth of your applause; however, we could not continue to meet the needs of an expanding program without the continuing generosity of your financial gifts. Annual contributions not only support our academic and production programs but also enhance undergraduate scholarships and provide travel assistance for students to participate in regional and national conferences.

Please join with us in this essential journey by becoming a contributing member of The Stage Door Club.

On behalf of all those who are benefited by our work in the classroom, the community and on the stage, I extend my sincere gratitude, in advance, for your generosity in support of the MU Department of Theatre.

Dr. M Heather Carver
Department Chair