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The Stage Door Club

Gift Level Complimentary Tickets
$25,000 Angel 6 tickets to all productions*
$5,000 Producer 4 tickets to 8 productions*
$1,000 Director 4 tickets to 4 productions*
$500 Star 2 tickets to 4 productions*
$250 Playwright 2 tickets to 2 productions*
$150 Trouper 2 tickets to 1 production*
up to $150 Gypsy  
* Production dates must occur within donor's membership year. Production choices may include any regular series event during the Academic Year or Summer Rep seasons.
Call 573-882-6192
Stage Door Club
membership information.

The Stage Door Club is a group of philanthropists who demonstrate their support of live theatre with a generous contribution, each year, to the Theatre Department of the University of Missouri-Columbia. Funds generated through membership in the Stage Door Club are used to further MU's Theatre Department tradition of scholastic excellence and artistic achievement during the Academic and Summer Repertory Theatre seasons. These funds provide support for guest artists, sets, lighting, and costumes. Thanks partly to the Stage Door Club, MU has one of the most extensive production schedule in the SEC.

Benefits and Privileges

Membership in the Stage Door Club is annual. Benefits of membership include:

  • Donor's name listed in the production program*
    and the Theatre Department Web site
  • An invitation to opening-night receptions
  • Announcement of special programs such as guest-artist lectures and post-play
    discussions with actors or members of the artistic staff
  • For gifts of $25,000 or more, membership in the Jefferson Club.
  • Annual gifts of $1,000 or more may qualify for membership in the Mosaic Society.
  • Gifts are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

Stage Door Club Members


Dr. Suzanne Burgoyne

Janet Ault

Marilyn Houghton Kayton

Jay and Rose Ward

Dean Emeritus & Mrs. Larry Clark
June & Gary DeWeese
Weldon Durham
Barry & Pam Gainor
Gene Ridenhour, M.D.

Ann & Jerry Christian
Rev. Susan Langhauser
Gene Ridenhour, M.D
Clyde & Sheila Ruffin
Robert A. Solenberg


Helen & Pat Atkinson
Dr. Kara LeFevre & Mr. Scott Braudis
William M. & Delores Clark
Bob & Marti Fowler
Carol Wright Krause
Mike & Chris Buehler

Curtis Shaw
Jan & Gerald Summers
William L. & Georganne P. Syler
Gail Bank
Carla Waal Johns


Paul & Marcia Alley
Oline Cogdill
Chancellor Brady & Anne Deaton
Al & Molly Devlin
Dr. & Mrs. James Elliott
Robert & Jamie Driver
Andrew R. Sackin

Dawn & Chris Heston
Carla Waal Johns
Nikki & Aaron Krawitz
Judith & Michael LeFevre
Paul & Robin Remington Wallace
Nancy Sommer & Charles Meys
Al & Sheila Plummer

Dr. Charles W. & Irene O. Alexander
Dr. Zachary Bloomfield
Bob & Kay Dinwiddie
Steve & Sharon Erikson
Bob & Marti Fowler
Bill & Jan Goodson
Marilyn Houghton Kayton
Donald & Susan Kruse
David & Carolyn Leuthold
Lanny & Katy Maness
Jill Cordle Mont
Ray & Teresa Newton
Rose & Michael Porter
Betty & Clyde Wilson
Armon & Evelyn Yanders
Walker & Doris Allen
Bonnie Bourne
Dorinda Derow
Robert & Jamie Driver
Joan & Abe Eisenstark
Phil & Jan Harrison
Phebe Nichols
John Leake
Barbara & Robert L. Smith
Mrs. Bonnie DuBois Hilton
Mrs. Linda L. Conaway

Pat Lawnick-Ritchie
Kelly Wiegant Mangan
June Pfefer
Dr. Alex & Anne Marie Pickard
Melvin & Mary Platt
Dr. Theo Ross
Rebecca Spear
Dr. John W. Tabash
Jim & Jayne Creed
Jean Culbertson
Judy & Vincent Hillyer
Gloria Behrens Irwin
Gwen Langland
Ernie Wallace & Rajah Maples-Wallace
Dr. Roberta Rankin
Betty Wilson
Steve Twitchell
Kenn & Rhonda Weller-Stilson
Lee Francis IV
Lauren Palmer Kiesling
Dr. Bernard & Mrs. Lesley Rosenblatt
Shawna Meffer Carroll & Rory Carroll
Johanna C. Schloss

We invite all current members to renew their memberships for the upcoming season.
You can mail a check, made payable to the Stage Door Club to:

Stage Door Club
Department of Theatre
129 Fine Arts Building
Columbia, MO 65211

To make a change to your membership, including how your name appears in the program & on the website, please email Charles Willis.

Thank you for your support.