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Graduate Assistantships and Fellowships

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Theatre Graduate Assistantships and Fellowships
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The Department of Theatre supports graduate students on half-time assistantships paying $15,000 to $18,000 for nine months. Holders of half-time graduate teaching or research assistantships are eligible for a full tuition waver.

Theatre graduate students are eligible to compete for graduate fellowships, which pay a stipend either in addition to a graduate assistantship or in lieu of one.

The Graduate School also sponsors Gus T. Ridgel Fellowships. This program is intended to increase the number of underrepresented minority Americans (African Americans, Hispanic Americans and American Indians/Alaskan Native Americans) enrolled in and successfully completing graduate programs. The Office of Fellowships and Graduate Student Affairs also offers special merit and minority fellowships.

Theatre Department doctoral students may be assigned to:

Theatre 1100: Theatre in Society. Classroom set-up, grading tests and essays, and miscellaneous tasks for a large lecture class meeting twice weekly. A second year graduate assistant may be assigned the responsibility of leading this class.

Theatre 1320: Principles of Technical Theatre. Teach basic stagecraft and assist Technical Director.

Theatre 1360: Stage Make-up. Teach basic techniques of application. Theatre 1400: Acting for the Non-Major. Teach introductory level acting fundamentals.

Theatre 1420: Stage Movement for the Actor. Teach basic movement techniques (requires instructor with specific prior training).

Theatre 2800: Principles of Script Analysis. Assist the instructor in grading themes and exams and other responsibilities.

Theatre 2920: Teach basic principles of playwriting.

Costume Assistant: Teach Theatre 1340 sections assigned to costume area. Construct costumes for University Theatre Production.

Ticket Office Manager: Serve the public, schedule and train student personnel, and prepare financial statements.

Please examine these brief descriptions and inform us which of the tasks you feel best qualified to carry out; try to explain why you're qualified. Cite formal training and work experience; also indicate which jobs you'd most like to do even though you may not feel qualified. Your prompt response will enable us to complete our analysis of your application. Please note that the policy of the Theatre Department is to rotate graduate assistants through most of the positions above, meaning you may not be assigned your first choice when you enter the program. This rotation is designed to build your resume.

After admission to our program, qualified graduate students in theatre may also apply for teaching assistantships in the Department of Communication and the Department of English. If you wish to be considered by those departments, please request further information from the Department of Theatre.