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The Department of Theatre offers the bachelor of arts degree, which allows students to make theatre the foundation of their liberal arts education. The undergraduate curriculum meets the needs of those who want a strong liberal arts education while specializing in the history and literature of theatre and the crafts of theatre production. Students enrolled in our program may choose to concentrate in performance (acting and directing), design and technical theatre or playwriting. While the department remains committed to a broad-based, stimulating liberal arts education promoting skills in critical thinking and communication, its programs also prepare students who want a career in the professional theatre to enter that field or to pursue graduate studies leading to a professional theatre career.

The Major

Students seeking a theatre degree may declare their major immediately upon arriving at MU and enrolling in classes in the College of Arts and Science. Some choose to wait two or three semesters until they are familiar with the wide range of programs offered at MU. In either case, students are encouraged to take basic courses in theatre to become familiar with the discipline and the faculty. Students planning to major in theatre but choosing to defer the decision for a few semesters are encouraged to confer with Department of Theatre faculty about freshman and sophomore classes in theatre and about their goals and aspirations.

The theatre major consists of 17 credits in core courses required of all majors with additional credits in one of three Emphasis Areas including Performance, Design/Technical Theatre and Writing for Performance. Students are not required to audition to be admitted to an emphasis area.

Theatre Major


1320 Basic Scenic Construction
1340 Basic Costume Construction
2300 Production Workshop I (1 credit)
2710 Theatre History
2800 Script Analysis (WI)
3300 Production Workshop II (1)
4990 (399) Capstone (1)

+Select 3 hours from:
1720 African-Am. Theatre. History
2150 African-American Cinema
3700 World Dramatic Literature (WI)
3750 New American Theatre
3770 The Theatre Experience:
         From Page to Stage and Screen
4700 Studies in Theatre History
4720 American Musicals
4730 Theatre Architecture
4800 Studies in Dramatic Theory
4820 Studies in Dramatic Literature
4830 Studies in Dramatic Criticism

Performance Area of Emphasis

+3 hours 4570 Theatrical Costume Design

+2 hours Design/Tech. Theatre list (below)

+14 hours of credit from:
1250 World Theatre Workshop (2)
1360 Stage Makeup (1)
1420 Stage Movement (2)
2200 Intro to Performance Studies
2410 Performance Workshop (1)
3200 Performance of Literature
3230 Vocal Performance Tech
3420 Acting I
3430 Acting II
3600 Directing WI
4220 Acting III
4240 Theatre of the Oppressed
4460 Musical Theatre Perform
4600(Advanced Directing (WI)

Writing for Performance Area of Emphasis

+3 2510 Intro to Theatre Design

+9 hours from:
2920 Beginning Playwriting
3200 Performance. of Literature
3920 Intermediate Playwriting

+6 hours from:
2200 Intro to Performance Studies
3600 Directing (WI)
3700 World Dramatic Literature. (WI)
3750 New American Theatre
3930 Screenwriting TV & Film
4220 Acting 3
4460 Musical Theatre Perform
4600 Advanced Directing
4920 Advanced Playwriting:
4930 Adaptation of Lit. for the Stage
4935 Adaptation Of Literature for Film

Design/Technical Area of Emphasis

+ 3 hours from Theatre Performance Block (above)

+16 hours from:
1360 Stage Makeup (1)
2320 Beginning Pattern Making
2330 Stage Management (1)
2360 Stagecraft
2510 Intro to Theatre Design
3310 Costume Crafts
3320 Theatre Pattern Making
3330 Advanced Costume Construction
3340 Scene Painting (2)
3530 Computer Graphics
3540 Advanced Makeup (1)
3550 Sound Design
3560 Scene Design
4530 Stage Lighting
4570 Theatre Costume Design
4730 Theatre Architecture

The Minor

The Department of Theatre offers a minor available to students from any division or major. It consists of a 6 hour core plus 12 hours of addition theatre classes including at least 6 hours coursework 3000 level and above.

To declare a minor in theatre, contact the department academic advisor.

Theatre Minor

Required Courses

1320 Beginning Scenic Construction Lab OR
1340 Beginning Costume Construction Lab 3 hours

2800 Principles of Script Analysis 3 hours

Choose at least twelve (12) additional credits in Theatre

Must include six (6) credits in Theatre any level
Must include six (6) credits in Theatre 3000 level or above