Auditions - Life and Literature Performance Series 2018

Thursday, August 23, 2018 6:00pm
Studio 4 at McKee Gymnasium
Cat Gleason

Life and Literature Performance Series - two short plays.

Open to everyone, you do not have to be a theatre major or MU student.  

We will be combining the auditions for both plays; most actors will be cast in both of these short plays. Prepare a one-minute monologue for both plays. If you do not have anything prepared, we will be happy to supply a reading for you. 

Scripts can be checked out for 24 hours from the MU theatre office, 129 Fine Arts Building, open 8-5 pm, in the lobby of the Rhynsburger Theatre.

Bring your complete schedule with you (both classes and personal obligations) from now until Sept. 23. PLEASE NOTE: if you are cast, you may have to rehearse on Labor Day. 

Rehearsals Begin: August 27th (evenings & some weekends). 
Show Dates: September 19 - 22 at 7:30pm and September 23 at 2pm. 

Questions: If you cannot make the audition time, please contact Dr. Cat Gleason ( to arrange another time. Contact Zahria Moore ( or Blake Willoughby ( for more information about the plays or anything else.

Passion Play 
By Zahria Moore, directed by Cat Gleason
Mamie, Martha, and Mary come to the realization that the greatest challenge of being a mother is raising your son.
MAMIE - Black woman, middle class, over the age of 20 
MARY - Black woman, upper class, over the age of 20 
MARTHA - Black woman, working class, over the age of 20 
GRAVE DIGGER - Black man, unbeknownst to the audience what class he falls in.

By Georgia Douglas Johnson,
directed by Zahria Moore and Blake Willoughby
Written by an African American playwright, journalist, and poet, Safe is set in the American South during the 1930s and focuses on the birth of a child amidst an era of lynchings. 
LIZA PETTIGREW – Black woman, the wife
JOHN PETTIGREW – Black man, the husband
MANDY GRIMES – Black woman, Liza’s mother
DR. JENKINS – Black man, physician
HANNAH WIGGINS – Black woman, neighbor