MU Theatre presents 'Rent'

4+1 Graduate Degree Program

Accelerated Master of Arts
MU Theatre performance of 'Rent'


Students who complete the 4+1 Graduate Degree Program will earn a BA and MA in Theatre with only one additional year of classes. The Accelerated Master of Arts program requires 108 undergraduate credits and 30 graduate credits, for a total of 138 credits (12 credit hours are shared undergraduate and graduate credits in 7000-level courses.)

In the first year of the accelerated program, students take 18 hours (12 of which are at the graduate level). In the second year they take an additional 18 graduate credit hours, at least 15 of which will be at the 8000-level, plus three hours will be the MA thesis hours.

Symonne Sparks performance photo

Mizzou Theatre is such a unique experience for anyone and everyone. There is a place for you here, whether you’re a graduate or undergraduate student, pursuing a major or minor, specializing in vocal or dance, or consider yourself a performer, writer, educator, or simply a curious individual. There is something so priceless here that I couldn’t possibly live without – community

As much as I would love to stay with the Theatre Department forever, I realize that life outside of this University continues and I need and want to move right along with it. Choosing the 4+1 program can recalibrate your focus with your time, creating the best outcome and use of both, and allows you to stay within a community and workspace you already know and love.

— Symonne K. Sparks, BM ‘17

Pursuing a master of arts, theatre 

MU Theatre presents 'Luchadora'


Students must apply and be admitted to an accelerated program before reaching 90 undergraduate credit hours. Students will apply for the accelerated program in the spring of their junior year and, if accepted, will being the fall of their senior year.

Students apply using the standard Theatre Graduate School application for admission. When submitting an application, applicants to the accelerated program should select the year that corresponds to their senior year of undergraduate study.