Where performance works of art are born and raised at Mizzou
MU Theatre

David Crespy, Artistic Director

Aidah Nalubowa, Managing Director

Austin Hultz, Assistant Managing Director

Our award-winning Writing for Performance Program received a special recognition Gold Medallion from the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival. Come and catch part of the process as performance works of art are born and raised at Mizzou. New plays feature a range of themes from silly to serious. Different plays at every performance, so come as often as you can!

Tickets $10

TO ORDER BY PHONE: Phone purchases can be made with payment by Visa/Mastercard/Discover Card. Call (573) 882-PLAY. (NOTE: If you receive the answering machine during regular box office hours, our workers are assisting other customers. Please, leave your name, phone number, the show you wish to attend and the number of tickets you will need. A box office employee will return your call at the first available opportunity.)

TO ORDER ONLINE: Go to theatre.missouri.edu and follow the box office link

Studio 4
7:30 pm: Feb 9-12
2:00 pm Feb 12 and 13

Wednesday, February 9, 2022, 7PM

One-Act Plays:

*Medboy by Dayton Swanson, directed by Yasmeen Mir, 6PM

*With Our Bodies by Yasmeen Mir, directed by Lucy Ebeling, 7PM

Zone of Truth by Zach Apony, directed by Chris Oliver, 8PM                        

*Eat the Rich by Abby Uphoff, directed by Yasmeen Mir, 9PM


*KCACTF John Cauble One Act Play Award Regional Finalist


Thursday, February 10, 2022, 7PM

every.single.one by Cherie Sampson

Directed by Kasey Lynch

Xiomara Cornejo, Dramaturg


Friday, February 11, 2022

*Voice of the Voiceless by Xiomara Cornejo

Directed by David A. Crespy

Zach Apony, Dramaturg

Austin Hulz, Assistant Dramaturg


* KCACTF Region 5 National Partners of America Theatre (NAPAT) Award Recipient and National Semi-Finalist


Saturday Matinee, February 12, 2022, 2PM Matinee

Ten-Minute Plays:

Ellie Elliot by Grayson Nikkel, directed by Ellison Land, 9AM

Tired of Playing by Ally Minor, directed by Zach Apony, 10AM

Scrappily Ever After by Peyton Bourdouris, directed by Abby Uphoff ,11AM (12PM Lunch)

I hate my beautiful life by Lucy Ebeling, directed by Yasmeen Mir, 1PM

The Devil & Craig by Camden Brazile, directed by Abby Uphoff, 2PM

The Lonely Rose Bud by Averey Campbell, directed by Juan Martinez, 3PM

Idol Flunke by Jesse Berlin, directed by Ronnie Rossi, 4PM

On the Nature of Not-Knowing by Abby Uphoff, directed by Emily Maruszak, 5PM


Saturday Evening, February 12, 2022, 7PM

Facing the Flo by Michelle T. Johnson

Directed by Claire Syler

Bailey Sims, Dramaturg


Sunday, February 13, 2022

Ten-Minute Plays:

Sorry-Not Sorry by Manda Apony-Moriarty, directed by Talia Gritzmacher, 1PM

Standing Between by Zach Allen, directed by Ellison Land, 2PM

Opal by Francisco J.Meléndez, directed by Abi Mirikitani, 3PM

Limes in Santo Domingo by Abi Mirikitani, directed by Talia Gritzmacher, 4PM

A Hole in the Ceiling by Andrew Black, directed by Abi Mirikitani, 5PM

Sprig and Ms. Tufty by Talia Gritzmacher, directed by Manda Apony-Moriarty, 6PM

The First Time You Saw Snow by Yasmeen Mir, directed by Ebeling, Lucy, 7P